San Pedro River Arts Council

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Note: You may also send your membership payment or donation by check to:
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Hello everyone,
   Can you believe how quickly the summer is passing--kids are already back in school!!
   I'm happy to report that the Arts Council continues to grow, with many new members having recently joined.  Welcome to you all!
And I'm also happy to report that the change-out of artwork at the gallery at the end of July was a complete success.  Many thanks to Shryl and  her crew for the many hours spent receiving and hanging all of the new pieces that came in!!  Do stop in and check out the new exhibit when you get a chance; and be sure to look in the "Gift Shop" area while you are there to see all the wonderful new items Charline has so beautifully displayed.  Sales have been good; and Endeavor Gallery is a happy, happening place!!
  Please note that the Arts Council will be holding a reception next week--Wednesday, August 8th--to honor Doug and Sharon Quarles!  Sadly, they have closed their gallery and will be moving back to New Mexico; but we want to celebrate the time they spent here, and thank them for all they have done for the community.  The reception will be held at Endeavor Gallery from 2 till 4 p.m, so do plan to stop in and say hello (and goodbye...).  The good news is that Doug and Sharron will be coming back to paint new murals in the future--so we haven't lost them forever... 
  There will be refreshments; memories will be shared, and stories told.  Mark your calendar!!
  The "lunch and learn" programs will be continuing through the rest of the summer and Fall.  This month we will meet at noon in the Gallery on the 4th Thursday (August 23rd) and our presenter will be SPRAC member, photographer, and abstract artist Zachary Billings.  Zach creates unique art and will be explaining and demonstrating the processes he uses to produce his highly symbolic works.  As an autistic person, Zachary says that it was the creation of art that has helped him connect to "the outside world," and he will be sharing his insights into that fascinating topic as well!     To quote Zachary,  "I am not doing the art--the art is doing me--thus the spontaneous stream of consciousness that inspires all my work..."
   Save the date, and come prepared to experience a whole new perception on the creative process!!
Due to a rather serious illness experienced by our scheduled Featured Artist for August at the Cochise College Benson Center--we have held over the July exhibit featuring the works of Carl Sanders and Bob Heath--thanks, guys!!  If you haven't had a chance to check out their show, do stop by!  And I'm happy to report that Sylvia Turner is on the mend and getting out and about again, so we'll reschedule her for a future slot!!  Camille Painter-Davis will be our Featured Artist at the College in September...
  Just a reminder that any member of the Arts Council is entitled to be a "Featured Artist,"  so if you are interested or have questions, please contact me and we can get YOU on the schedule.  (There is no charge--just a great chance to get a body of work out in public!!)
  Last but far from least--please note that our Annual, Open Photography Show is coming up in October!!!  I hope all you photographers have already been taking lots of pictures and getting prepared for this event!!  (If not--it's not too late, so get out there!!!).   We'll have hard copy and on-line entry forms and information packets ready in late August, with entries due back in late September.  The photography show is always one of our most popular events--featuring awards and cash prizes, a fun reception, an outstanding display of youth photography, and wonderful photos from amateurs and professionals alike.  Please spread the word, and do plan to participate!
  Enough for now.  Enjoy the monsoons.  I hope it has been raining at YOUR house!!         Linda