Hello everyone,

Sorry this is so late!  We were actually traveling--family reunion in New Hampshire--for the first time in well over a year.  It was lovely to come home to measurable water in the rain gauge; and I hope it has been raining at YOUR house too!!

    SO--we will be holding a lunch hour Artists Share program at the Gallery next Thursday, July 15th!!  Our presenter will be Deanna Cluff, who will come down from Safford to discuss the art and history of Illuminated Lettering. She has also promised us a chance to paint a letter of our own, so this should be a really fun event.  We will begin at noon, but you might want to come a bit early to grab a good seat.  The program should last roughly 60 minutes, is free to all members; and I hope we'll see you there!!!

   We have finally been cleared to do a change-out of art at the Benson Hospital--Yay!  The dates will be Friday, August 27th and  Monday, August 30th.  I will send out specific details in the August newsletter, but wanted to give everyone a "heads up" so that you can save the dates.  For new members--the Hospital Art Project is a chance for our members to exhibit up to 5 pieces of art work in any 2 dimensional medium for display and sale in the halls, patient rooms, offices, etc. of the Benson Hospital.  Works may be (but do not HAVE to be) for sale, and there is no charge to participate. This is a great way to get your artwork out in the public eye and be involved in a community service activity--as the staff at the hospital says it is a wonderful benefit to them to be able to display art and photography and brighten the environment for patients, staff and visitors.  Artwork is normally changed out every six months, but thanks to Covid, the current exhibit has been hanging for well over a year.  Thanks to you all for your patience; and I hope that many of you will be willing to contribute to the August installation!!!

   Our "featured artist" exhibit is on-going at Cochise college Benson Center.  Currently on display are beautiful photographs by Mel and Larraine Milne.  Their show will hang through the month of July, and is free and open to the public to view during regular college hours, so do stop by and check it out if you haven't already done so!
   We will be hanging a new exhibit featuring the artwork of new member Craig Fogle on August 2nd--to be on display through September; and I can't wait to see his paintings... Remember that any member is welcome to be a featured artist, so if you are interested, just let me know.  At the moment we are "booked up" through next Spring, but I would be happy to put you on the Calendar for the coming year!

Mary Lee says that we are still in serious need of some new docents if we want to keep Endeavor Gallery open full time this summer!  Thanks to those of you who are already volunteering; but with many of our "regulars" on vacation or whatever--we are definitely short handed!  We would LOVE to have folks willing to work half days (just 3 little hours), one day a week on a regular basis, but if you only want to serve as a "fill in"--we would love to hear from you, too.  It is fun, easy, and we will happily teach you everything you need to know to be comfortable minding the Gallery...   If you are interested, please contact Mary Lee at bears4588@yahoo.com       Try it.  You'll like it!!

And some reminders...  If you haven't already done so--it is time to pay your dues for the next SPRAC fiscal year
(July 1st, 2021 through June 30th, 2022)!!   We are rapidly getting back to our normal activities, so, at a measly $15 annually--you should get your money's worth, she said, hopefully!

We WILL be holding our "annual" Yard Sale Fund Raiser this Fall.  Please consider
saving and donating items that you might no longer need or want cluttering up your life.  There will be
more specifics as time gets closer; but we wanted to give fair warning so that you don't just throw away
those odds and ends.

The Huachua Art Association Members Only Fun Art Show will be running from July 27-
August 28.  For information and an application--contact Teresa Ebbs at   kayebbs@yahoo.com   or visit
their Gallery in Sierra Vista on Paseo San Luis.  Entries limited to 3 per member artist.  No fees, No theme
required.  All media welcome.  Judging will be done by "people's choice" only.  This should be a great
way to start getting back in "art" mode by putting your work on display!!

It is looking very hopeful that we will be able to hold our annual open Photography
Show at Cochise College Benson Center in October!  Fair warning to all you photographers out there.
We will know definitely by the beginning of August and will let you know in the next newsletter so that you
can be preparing to enter!!
That's all I can think of for now...    Hope you are having a good month, and that we will see you at the Artist
    Share program next Thursday!!!      GO  MONSOONS!!           Linda

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