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Hi Everyone,
  It is April 5th already--sorry it has taken me this long to send out the monthly newsletter!  I have had a hard time finding the motivation to write while we are all living in this weird limbo where we self isolate and our daily activities are curtailed.   None-the-less, it is important to maintain some sort of communication, so here goes..
  First the "negatives"
                                    Endeavor Gallery will remain closed until it is safe to come out and play again.
                                    The monthly "Artists Share" programs are on hold.
                                    Our "Featured Artists" exhibitions at Cochise College Benson Center will be suspended until the college can reopen.

       If you were scheduled to present a program, or mount an exhibit at the college--please just hang in there!  We will re-work the calendar as soon as we have any sort of a workable time-line!!
                                   The Willcox Spring Anne Boyd Wade Annual Art Show has been cancelled.

And now some "positives!"
                                      I want to take this opportunity to "celebrate" our recent Art Show one more time.  Thanks to all the artists who participated this year!!  It was our biggest show to date, with over 230 pieces on display, and beautiful artwork to be seen throughout each of the divisions.  We were able to get the show mounted, judged, and critiqued--with lots of traffic-before we were forced to cancel the Reception on March 14th.  Judging from the large number of People's Choice ballots we counted at the end of the month, people continued
to come visit the show throughout the month--and that is definitely a GOOD THING!

For a complete list of the placings in the show, you can visit our website  ( and click on the green "Celebrate the Arts" Banner at the top of the page. Maria has also posted photos of the "winning" art work there  (you are ALL winners in my book!!); and to see lots of photos from the various divisions in the show--be sure to check out the photo albums that Lisa has created on our Endeavor Art Gallery Facebook page.   (If you missed the show--here is a chance to view many pieces that were on display...)

                                      One final "thank you" to the crew that helped to hang the show--beautifully done, and so efficient!  And a  special "thank you" goes to Linda Lamb, who coordinated the youth entries in the show--we had a great turn out of young artists this year!!  Last but not least, I want to compliment everyone on the amazing job of taking down the show and collecting your artwork under very difficult circumstances on March 31st!!  The last artwork was picked up and the panels were down and stacked by 4 p.m.
Everyone was very careful to maintain "social distancing," and somehow you all managed to time your visits so that there was never a large number of people in the building at any one time.  Well done!!!


If you are working at home and would like to share what you have created--you are welcome to send photos of your artwork to Maria  (, who will be happy to post them on our San Pedro River Arts Council Facebook page; or to Lisa (, who runs the Endeavor Art Gallery Facebook page, or BOTH. as we would all LOVE to see them!!  I know it will help motivate ME to start painting again...

So that's it for now...  we can all look forward to the time when this miserable pandemic is behind us and we can return to our "normal" activities!  In the meantime--stay safe and well and  sane.  The trees are starting to leaf out;  there are carpets of wildflowers in many parts of SE Arizona;  thanks to the good rains we've had so far this year, the streams are flowing strong in our mountains;  Hummingbirds and Orioles are back on the feeders; and we still have beautiful sunsets to enjoy  (and good books to read!).  Let us count our blessings and get through this as best we may!!   Much love to you all...    Linda

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