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Hello everyone,
   I hope this "sort of" newsletter finds you all still well and safe while living through these strange and sad times!  The good news is that
we can report that the San Pedro River Arts Council is still a viable organization--we are in good shape, financially; and because we have the world's greatest landlady, Jeannine has forgiven us our monthly rental fees on the Gallery space during the months that the Gallery has been closed--leaving us only to deal with our share of the utilities during the hiatus.  Bless you, Jeannine Hamilton!!
   And speaking of the Gallery, the Board has determined that we will try to get Endeavor open and functioning again as of the end of June  (the week of June 29th)  IF we still have a viable and functioning docent crew to pull the hours.  It might be that we will only be able to be open for a limited number of days per week during the rest of the summer months.  We shall see, and keep everyone informed...
One important notice regarding the "change-out" of art in the gallery previously scheduled for the end of July--Shryl has decided NOT to do a change out at that time due to the fact that the Gallery has been closed for most of the time the current work has been on display.
  If anyone has artwork that you NEED to take out of the gallery for any reason-- at this point, or through the end of June--please contact me by return email and we can set up an appointment for you to pick up your work!  

Just a few more notes...I hope everyone has had an opportunity to see the May/June edition of Currents magazine put out by the Sulphur Springs Electric Co-Op!  Featured on the front page is SPRAC member Lee Peterson, one of our outstanding photographers; and inside is a beautifully written essay by Larry Scott, another member of our SPRAC family.  Well done, gentlemen!!
                            A number of you have submitted photos of works of art created during our "time of isolation."  Thank you for
sharing your work; and thanks to Maria ( and Lisa ( for continuing to post them on our Facebook pages!  I hope more of you will send pictures during the upcoming month(s) to serve as inspiration for us all!!
                            Finally, I am copying a note from another SPRAC member, Jeannie Labriolla, who runs the local "Hope of Benson"  thrift and charity store.  I hope that some of you might be able to help her!
           "As you are aware--like the Gallery, Hope is Closed.
.        But people still need stuff!
           So we opened the sidewalk for "Free".
          Last week we put out in front, boxes of clothes, shoes, books, kids books, puzzles and toys. .
         Hope's sidewalk will be "Open and Free" Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of next week.
          We will put out a little at a time so it is shared. 

          We believe we are crazy, but it is a good crazy.
        Please tell members of the Arts Council we are accepting donation anytime in the Back of building.
        Families, seniors and persons without paychecks need nonperishable food, toiletries, and TP.
     Thank you, 
        Hope of Benson, 344 East 4th Street.
       cell 520 221 1690 
       home 586 1433
Please do help if you are able--it will be greatly appreciated!!!
  So that's it for now.  Everyone continue to hang in there.  Create (and share!) some art if you are in the mood!  Hopefully, we can begin to return to "normal" in the coming days and weeks.   Love and miss you all!!    Linda