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Hello everyone,

It's May-- mesquite trees are leafing out, Palo Verde and Prickly Pear are blooming at lower elevations, and the nights are still cool...If only the dang wind would stop blowing, life would just about be perfect!

I'm pleased to report that Endeavor Gallery has been open for the past month!  Traffic has been good, and we have had lots of sales both in the gift shop and out of the main gallery.  People definitely seem interested in the arts, and are eager to purchase items that they love--which works well for US, as we have so many fabulous pieces on display!  If you haven't had a chance to come by--do plan to come in and check things out soon... 

In a slight change of policy, we are now accepting 90 day "lay aways" on higher priced items if the artist agrees (with official contracts for the purchaser and designated procedures in place...)

We want to welcome Kathy Williams as a member at large on the Arts Council Board of Directors.  At our recent quarterly Board meeting we filled the vacancy created by the resignation of Charline White (who will be sadly missed!) SPRAC officers for the coming year are as follows:  President--Linda Stacy;  Vice President--Larraine Milne; Treasurer--Joan Davenport;  Secretary--Mary Lee Bringham:  Members at Large--Shryl Miles, Harry Stacy, Bob Heath, Chris Blom, and Kathy Williams.  If you have ideas to share, or questions regarding Arts Council activities--please contact any Board Member.  We'll be glad to hear from you!!

 Mary Lee will be offering a docent training day at the Gallery this coming Friday, May 7th, from 10 till 1 p.m.
If you are interested in becoming a docent, or are currently working in the gallery but would like refreshers on some of the procedures--please plan to attend.  With the advent of summer, some of our current docents will be traveling, and it will be necessary to fill in those vacancies.  The Gallery requires a strong docent corps, and your participation will be greatly appreciated!!!

The Art League of Willcox will be holding a "pop up" Art Show and Sale during the upcoming Willcox Spring Wine Festival.  Dates are Saturday, May 15th, and Sunday, May 16th.  The show will be held in the Palace of Music and Art on Rex Allen Drive (across from the railroad tracks and just down from the movie theater) from 11 a.m. till 5 p.m. each day.  Several of our members will be participating; and it will be fun to get out and meet people again!  Hope to see you there!!  Art and wine--what's not to love?!!

 In other SPRAC news-- we continue to have new and used art supplies and frames (donated by members) for sale in the "learning center" at the Gallery.  New items come in often, so do check out what's available and possibly pick up a real bargain!!

 We also have an extensive library of books and magazines relating to all kinds of ART topics located in the learning center.  These books are available for our members to borrow and return at your convenience--so if you are interested in learning more about a particular medium or technique, or want to study up on a particular period in art history, or a famous artist, do come and see what we have on the is also fun to just browse, or look through magazines for inspiration!  

If all continues well on the Covid front--we hope to be able to resume our monthly "artists share" lunch-time programs in July.  We have some exciting presenters lined up, so cross your fingers that we can get back to having group meetings on our traditional third Thursdays beginning this summer!!  Can't wait to see presentations by Clement Scott, Cindy Connolly, Deanna Cluff, Christine Hartzler, Geoff McLeod, and Richard Bergquist--just to name a few who have already "volunteered!"  If YOU would like to give a program on any art related topic--just let me know!!

We will definitely be holding our "annual yard sale" fundraiser in the Fall this year--so do begin to think about setting aside items that you might not "need/want" any more.  In the past we have accepted all kinds of items--small furniture, ceramics and glassware, knicknacks, books, kitchen items--whatever.  Donations do NOT need to be art-related.  So if you are doing some house/closet cleaning this summer--please consider boxing up and saving things for the Arts Council...  More information will follow as time gets closer.

Finally, it is beginning to look hopeful that we might be able to hold our big "annual" Open Photography
Show and Sale in October!  If Cochise College Benson Center is ready to open for larger gatherings by Fall, WE will be ready to put together the event!!  Cross your fingers!!

So, slowly but surely--things begin to return to "normal."   Spring is here, and--hopefully--your creative juices are flowing?!  Continue to be careful, and continue to "celebrate the arts!!"  Hope to see you "in person" soon!!    Linda