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Hi everyone,
  We are only a week in to the month of June, and have already successfully ​"completed" two Arts Council activities; but not to worry--there is still a lot happening during the rest of the month...

  I'll begin by thanking everyone who just contributed to the latest exhibit at the Benson Hospital.  Thirty-four members have placed 135 works of art to be distributed throughout the hospital  and in the new clinic annex on 4th St.    Kelly Wilson and her staff are in the process of arranging the installation, which will hang until late November.
  Richard Polheber, Hospital CEO, expressed his gratitude, again, to the Arts Council for continuing to provide the paintings, drawings, photographs, etc. that brighten the environment for the staff, patients, and visitors when they enter the facilities.  I told him that we are pleased to do it!!

  Because of scheduling conflicts, we have already held our June "Lunch and Learn" program.  In spite of the short notice, we had a great turnout for Charles Thomas' wonderful demonstration on the techniques of working with metallic leaf!  (f you didn't make it on the 5th, you can see photos on our Facebook page!!)
  Hopefully, our July program will be back to the "regularly scheduled"   Third Thursday of the month, when guest artist Cindy Martin will lead us in a hands-on creation of
paper "mosaics."  Specifics will be noted in the July newsletter...

   Ron Fritts' "Featured Artist" Retrospective Exhibit will continue to hang at Cochise College Benson Center through June 14th.  If you have not yet had a chance to view this beautiful show, you still have a week in which to do so. Ron will be moving back to Pennsylvania in the near future, and does not want to have to ship many of these works back East, so this could be your best chance to acquire one of his stunning pieces.  If something catches your eye, feel free to contact him and make an offer!! 

  Beginning on Friday, June 15th, we will hang a new exhibit at the college featuring the paintings of Carl Sanders and Bob Heath in a "two for art" show that will remain on display through the month of July.  Each of these gentlemen has their own, unique style--Carl paints many portraits and scenes of Native American life; while Bob's whimsical pieces frequently deal with ranch life and classic cars--so this should be a fun show!  As always, the exhibits are free and open to the public during regular college hours  (check the summer schedule)--so do stop by often and check out what is on display!

 I'm pleased to announce our first big  SPRAC SALE of ART SUPPLIES at Endeavor Gallery beginning on Saturday, June 16th from 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. and running through the month of June (and in to July, or until we run out of supplies!).  We currently have on hand a large number of new and used frames in many sizes (very large to very small),
plus stretched canvas panels and canvas boards, several table easels, artists' brushes, oil paints by the tube in many colors, tubes of watercolor paints, conte crayons, sketch pads, pencils,and a variety of "miscellaneous" items too numerous to list.  These items have been donated to the Arts Council  ( we have used many donated items during the Youth Art Sessions run by Shryl Miles this year!) and now it is time to clear out our storage area and pass some really good savings on to our members. Most items are brand new.  Some are gently used.  And all will be priced VERY reasonably!!! 
   If you have extra art supply items that you have accumulated but realize that you will probably never use--feel free to donate them to the sale as well!!  Just drop them by the Gallery any time between now and the 16th and we'll do the rest...
  The sale is "first come, first choice" so obviously the selection will be greatest on the 16th of June, but do come in when you can to see what is available and to see if new bargains are on offer!!  This should be fun!!  (All proceeds will be used to further on-going Arts Council programs...)

  In another attempt to keep you off the streets and out of the pool halls, our newest member, Ric Rice, is offering weekly watercolor painting sessions every Wednesday from noon until 2 p.m. at the Fraternal Order of Eagles Hall across from the "lower" Circle K in Benson.  There is NO Charge, and any interested persons are welcome to attend!
This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning or improving your skills in this medium, or to just hang out with like-minded people!!  If you have questions, please contact Ric at 520 221 0331 or email at     Thank you, Ric!!

 And the next time you are in Endeavor Gallery, be sure to check out the charming exhibit of works created by the Home School Art Project kids that will be on display until the next "change out" of all art in the Gallery in late July.  Shryl Miles has worked with these young people--ranging in age from 8 to 18--since last September and has selected some of their best pieces to frame and hang in a special installation for their year end "finale."

  Speaking of the gallery change-out.  Dates, times and other particulars will be announced in the July newsletter, but just to remind you--ALL SPRAC members are invited to hang artwork in the Gallery and we encourage everyone to participate, so do give it some consideration!  Number of pieces per artist depends on space available, but Shryl will make sure that EVERYONE desiring to exhibit will be represented!!

  Finally--it is that time of the year when we remind our "old" members that dues are due!  Our fiscal year runs from July 1st, 2018, through June 30th, 2019.  Anyone who has joined after Jan. 1st of this year--and I'm happy to note that there are many of you!!--is already paid up through June next year, so you can ignore this notice!  Those of you who were kind enough to pay your dues LAST year need to renew now...  (And if you can't remember WHEN you paid your dues--please contact me!)

   That's it for now.  Be creative; and let's all pray for an early and long-lasting monsoon season!!!     Linda

San Pedro River Arts Council