Hi everyone,

February might be a "short" month, but there is a lot of news to cover this time!

Our Lunch and Learn program for this month will be held one last time at our current Endeavor Gallery beginning at noon on Thursday, February 16th; and our presenter will be SPRAC member and professional photographer Henry Hempel of Sierra Vista. The program is entitled "Smartphone Photography--Why my Nikon Camera Misses Me..."    Henry (aka "Dutch") will discuss smartphone options and compare their results with traditional SLR cameras.  He will also talk about the importance of editing to achieve desired results in digital photography.

This program should appeal to the serious photographers in the group, as well as everyone who casually snaps shots with their phone.  Mark your calendars, and we'll hope to see you there!
 The "Celebrate the Arts" Fine Arts Show and Sale will be here before you know it.  Entry forms are now available on our website  www.sprarts.org   Click on the main banner heading for detailed show information and a printable entry form or on the "pull down" heading to enter on-line.  Hard copy information packets and entry forms are also available at Endeavor Gallery or at Cochise College Benson Center; or you can send me a note and I'll be happy to mail you the forms!

This show is an open, judged event with lots of prizes, so we hope that you will spread the word among your artist friends, and plan on participating yourself!!

GOOD NEWS REGARDING A NEW SPACE FOR ENDEAVOR GALLERY!!  We have been offered a space on the corner of 4th Street and San Pedro in Benson at a rent which we should be able to afford in what was formerly the Benson Arsenal.  This location should offer much better exposure and thus greater traffic, plus a large amount of wall space for exhibiting art, lots of storage area, and plenty of room to accommodate a gift shop.  Our Board of Directors and some of our local members have had a chance to check out the building and everyone is very excited about this new opportunity!

Plans call for us to clear the current Gallery space by the end of February.   The final day the current Gallery will be open for business is Saturday, Feb. 18th.   We will need everyone now exhibiting to remove their artwork and gift shop items NO LATER THEN Feb. 25th.  Beginning on the 25th, we will be moving our "furniture," signage, supplies, printers and other electronic devices, etc. etc. into storage in the new building. As you can imagine, it will take a lot of planning and effort to turn a gun shop into an Art Gallery!  There will be several planning meetings before the work begins.  The consensus of the Board is that we will take possession of the new space on March 1st--doing initial cleaning and some prep--and begin using the new space for our Lunch and Learn programs, general meetings, perhaps some fund raisers  (yard sales, sidewalk art sales, etc.) immediately; but not officially opening the gallery again until early Fall with a new "Grand Opening" at that time.  During the slow summer months we will be painting, putting up a permanent hanging system for artwork, cleaning carpets, hanging signs, moving furniture, and just generally creating  another beautiful space to call home for the new ENDEAVOR GALLERY.
If you think you might be willing to help with moving, painting, hanging lighting fixtures, or any of the innumerable other tasks that will be necessary--please contact me!  All willing workers will be welcome!!

Our "Featured Artist" for the February "One with Art" exhibit at Cochise College is Tava Fitzgerald of Dragoon.  Tava works in a variety of media and she is displaying a number of paintings and drawings of wildlife and western Americana.  The show is free and open to the public during regular college hours, so do plan to stop by if you are in the neighborhood!

Please note that if you are a member of the Arts Council, you, too, can sign up --either individually, or partner with someone else for a "2 person" show--to be a featured artist at the college.  It is a fun way to have your own show and see a larger body of your work on public display!!

In other news--don't forget to check out the beautiful "Miniature and Small Works Show"  sponsored by the Art League of Willcox  on display through February at the Willcox Chamber of Commerce Building.  There are some absolutely stunning pieces in the show, and magnifying glasses are provided so that you can appreciate the amazing detail in these tiny paintings!! 

Please note that the Tombstone Association of the Arts is holding its own Annual Open, Judged Show during the month of March. For further information or to obtain an entry form--contact  A.J. Stewart at 419 722-1334.  Hopefully, everyone will have enough art to participate in both of these March events!!

Finally, if you are looking for something to do this coming Saturday--consider a trip to the Amerind Foundation for a "Gallery Talk" by noted photographer Charles Winters beginning at 1:30 p.m.  Mr. Winters will be discussing the photos currently on display in his exhibit  "Crossing Between Worlds: the Navajo of Canyon de Chelly.  In addition, there are several other new and on-going exhibits to view in the Amerind's Fulton-Hayden Memorial Art Gallery, so it will be an afternoon well spent!

Keep being creative.  Celebrate the Arts.  And send in those entry forms for the Show!!  See you soon.   Linda

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