Hello everyone,

Almost the end of July and I hope you are all still well and continuing to function in at least some sort of normal manner in these weird times!

The Arts Council Board of Directors met earlier this month  --outside, wearing masks, and seated well apart from one another-- to discuss the possibility of resuming activities.  Sadly, and to no-one's surprise given the current state of the Covid-19 outbreak in Arizona, it was agreed that it is still best to keep the Gallery closed to the general public until the virus subsides.  Other activities such as our Artists Share gatherings will also remain on hold; and, as the hospital is currently swamped and unable to deal with "outsiders" on the premises, we will have to suspend the Hospital Art Project change-out previously scheduled for late August until a more auspicious time.

On a really sad note, the Board has also voted to cancel this year's Annual Fall Photography show and Sale.  This is particularly frustrating, because the photography show is one of our most popular and fun events.  The decision to cancel was based on the fact that the event requires a lot of advanced preparation which would have to begin very soon, and because our venue--Cochise College Benson Center--is unable to host large gatherings for the foreseeable future...  Sigh!!

Enough of the "bad" news...  On a happier note, the Board approved a proposal to allow members to have access to the Gallery and "learning center/work area" on a limited basis beginning in early August.   The proposal, brought by Board Member Mary Lee Bringham, states that "This plan would allow members to access the gallery and gift shop and use the learning center for working and socializing in small groups...   Members would have the opportunity to make purchases of items from the gallery...

Specifics include:

1.  The Learning Center at Endeavor Gallery would be utilized for  art projects on a reservation only system.
     Members can call and reserve the center for a set period of time.

2.  Gallery availability would be Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m., beginning on August 4, 2020 

3.  Scheduling of reservations will be handled by the Learning Center Coordinator via phone or text (see #6            below).
4.  Members would follow all safety protocols set forth by CDC, County and City mandates, and those deemed
   necessary by SPRAC staff  (to include practicing safe distancing, use of hand sanitizer, masks and cleaning all       contact surfaces).  Note--hand sanitizer, gloves, and cleaning supplies will be furnished by SPRAC.
5.  No more than four members at a time during your reserved slot.   (exceptions might be made?)
6.  Mary Lee has volunteered to act as the coordinator for this project.  She will accept reservations and                   organize docents to be in attendance when the Learning Center is in use. 

If you would like to spend some time in the learning center or gallery, please contact her by phone or text at 360 434 7412, or send her an email at bears4588@yahoo.com

 We are grateful to Mary Lee for undertaking this project!  I do hope that you will take advantage of the opportunity  to use the space, check out reference materials from our extensive library, socialize a bit with fellow members, and possibly create some art while you are there!!   This is a small start.  We all HOPE that we can get back to regular Gallery hours and usage as soon as reasonably possible!!!

Oh--one other thing...our fiscal year for the San Pedro River Arts Council officially runs from July 1st through June 30th each year. Those of you who became members AFTER January 1st, 2020 are members in good standing through June 30, 2021!   If you last paid your dues in 2019, your membership has expired (with a few exceptions...) and we would love to have you "renew" at your convenience.
Our annual dues remain $15.00 a year for an individual or $20.00 for a family membership.  This is usually a screaming good deal, though under the current circumstances, maybe not so much...
Dues may be paid by check and mailed to our Post Box   (SPRAC, P.O. Box 1358,  Benson, AZ   85602); or you may pay on-line by making a "donation" on our website   (www.sprarts.org).  If you aren't sure WHEN you last paid your dues, you may contact me and I'll check our records...   We WILL return to "normal" at some point, and we'd love to have you all still on board!!

Take care for now!  I miss you ALL!!!    Linda

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