San Pedro River Arts Council

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Note: You may also send your membership payment or donation by check to:
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Hi everyone,
  I know, I'm a day early, but as we'll be out of town next week, I wanted to share some upcoming dates and events so you can get them on your calendar in a timely manner...
I'll begin by noting that our Art Supply sale at the Gallery was a tremendous success!
We have sold most of the items  (though there are still some nice paint brushes, oil paints, smaller frames,and a few miscellaneous pieces, so do stop by and see if there is anything you just have to have...)
The good news is that our store room is now pretty empty and useable for other objects, plus we did raise a tidy sum for Arts Council programs.  Thank you to everyone who donated items, or purchased items from the sale!!!​

Of interest to most of our members is the change-out of "wall art" at Endeavor Gallery this month.  The formal change date is July 28th; and Shryl Miles will be contacting everyone with the particulars on the schedule, how many paintings or photos or whatever to bring, etc.

Unless you are a docent or have paid your exhibitor fees recently--we will be asking members with work in the Gallery (or gift shop) to contribute a $25 "fee" to cover the next 6 months' exhibition.  This is in "exchange" for not having to work/docent, and for those of you living "out of town" I'm sure it is a savings over having to come to Benson weekly, so I hope it is not unreasonable...

We are scheduled to have a Lunch and Learn program in July--this time back to our regular "third Thursday,"  which will be July 19th.  We'll meet in the Gallery at noon; and our presenter will be guest artist Cindy Martin of St. David.  Cindy will be giving us a "hands on" experience in creating "stained glass" effect paintings.  Should definitely be fun and something different, so do try to attend!

Bob Heath and Carl Sanders continue as the featured artists at Cochise College Benson Center through the month of July in our "One with Art" program.  Their exhibit features lots of portraits of famous (and not so famous) people, some great landscapes, and some interesting depictions of life "out west!"  Do stop by and check it out if you are in the neighborhood.  As always--free and open to the public during regular college hours.

 And a reminder--ANY member of the Arts Council is entitled to have your own "Featured Artist" Show at the college.  You can do a solo exhibit, or pair up with another member for a joint show.  We are currently "booked" through next March(!!), but if you are interested in doing a show next year, just contact me and we'll get you on the calendar.

SPRAC volunteer and all 'round "good person," Jean Labriola Drake, has requested that I ask our members to help with the annual Hope of Benson Thrift Shop "Back to School Outreach Program" Jean runs the Thrift Store, and each year they provide free clothes, shoes, back packs, and school supplies to children pre-school through High School.  She is seeking new or used clothes or shoes in all sizes (teen agers need larger sizes badly!)​     If you have any useful items, please  ​
Donate at The Hope of Benson, 817 West 4th Street, Tuesday to Friday, 9 to 3
​  and help with a very worthy cause!​​If you have questions, you can contact Jean at 520 221 1690 or 520 586 1433.

Finally, a gentle reminder that our Arts Council annual dues are now "due" for everyone who joined in calendar year 2017 and paid "last year."  (Those joining since Jan. 1st of 2018 are paid up through June 30 of 2019!)  If you haven't already done so, you can send a check to SPRAC. P. O. Box 1358 Benson AZ  85602. or pay with PayPal on our website, OR, if you will be putting work in the gallery at the end of July I can catch you then...

  That's it for now--I'm off to pack.  Enjoy the rain and "celebrate the arts" by doing something creative!!    Linda