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March 2022 Results

Best of Show: Mid Morning" Carolyn Yeutter, Mixed Media

Advanced Best of Division: "View from Chiricahuas" Richard Bergquist, Pastels

Intermediate Best of Division: "Morning Star" Deboragh McDonnell, watercolor Novice Best of Division: "Classical Cats" Geri Grim, oils

YouthBest of Division: "Scratchy Kitty" Samantha Klein, Scratch Art

Special Awards-- Judge's Choice

"Survive/Thrive" Christie Green, acrylics

"Body of Works" Pat Dunbar

ADV/PRO Division


1st Place: Elizabeth Line

2nd Place: Pat Wilson

3rd Place: Maggie Bryce


1st Place: Sylvia Turner
2nd Place: Fred Ruth
3rd Place: Sue Olivio


1st Place: Doug Quarles
2nd Place: Brenda Peo
3rd Place: Deb Warner

​Other Media

1st Place: Grace Megnet
2nd Place: George Lounsbury
3rd Place: Janet Manuto

Mixed Media

1st Place: Carolyn Yeutter
2nd Place: Anne Martin
3rd Place: Shannon Fogle

​Dry Media

1st Place: Anne Martin
2nd Place: Jayne Hill
3rd Place: Trilby Arnold

Intermediate Division

1st Place: Dee Hannah
2nd Place: Bonnie Douglas
3rd Place: Judy Johnson

1st Place: Martha Scott
2nd Place: Janise Ingram
3rd Place: Suzanne Cook

1st Place: Anne Lopes
2nd Place: Dee Hannah
3rd Place: Janise Ingram

​Other Media
1st Place: Kim Weisel
2nd Place: Marilyn Methven

3rd Place: Anika Brown

Mixed Media
1st Place: Anika Brown
2nd Place: Ellen Cohen
3rd Place: Lori Gilberto

​Dry Media
1st Place: Linda Stacy
2nd Place: Joan Davenport

​Novice Division


1st Place: Trace Tulk
2nd Place: Carol Kingsbury 
3rd Place: Bob King

1st Place: Wendy Cameron
2nd Place: Geri Grim
3rd Place: Rosa Billings

1st Place: Ginger Sawyer
2nd Place: Anita Barkley
3rd Place: Myra Fountain

​Other Media
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

Mixed Media
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:

​Dry Media
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place: