San Pedro River Arts Council

2017 Celebrate the Arts!  Photography Show

 Photography Show award winners: 

         Best of Show:  Judith Francis  (The Plane Tree)

         Best of Division—Youth.  Cameron Stacy  (Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade)

         Best of Division—Adult Amateur.  Judith Francis  (St. Philibert’s Abbey)

         Best of Division—Adv/Professional.  Madeline Charron  (Our San Pedro)

 Special Award:           “People”                Kathie Brauchla  (Granddaughter)

                                     “Fauna”                Derrick Fenn   (Sun Bather)

                                     “Landscape”         Madeline Charron  (Winter Storm)

                                     “Plants/flowers”    Kaylee Amick  (Heart of the Desert)

                                     “Still Life”              Judy Francis  (Almost Good Enough to Eat)

                                     “Night Scene”       Linda Stacy  (Inside the Black House)

                                     “Architectural”      Mark Battaglia  (The Courtyard)


                                     “Computerized”    Jeff Valdez  (Spirit World)

                                     “Body of Work”     Robert Luce  (for general excellence)

          People’s Choice Award:  Tarin Cardamane  (Rocky Balboa)

         Ribbon winners at the 2017 5th Annual Open Photography Show

         Adv/Pro Color:               Blue    Robert Luce                (Foggy River)

                                                 Red     Larraine Milne           (Sea Nettle)

                                                Yellow  Darlene Krueger       (Chili Ristras)


        Adult Amateur Color:    Blue     Kaia Thomas              (Western Banded Gecko)

                                                 Red      Harry Stacy                (Kilmartin Glen)

                                                Yellow  Linda Stacy                  (The Black House)


        Monochrome:                Blue      Linda Stacy                 (Sweetheart Abbey Ruins)

                                               Red       Carolyn Weaver         (Seagull)

                                              Yellow    Robert Luce                (Lost Cabin)


       Youth—Danish System judging:

                                           Blues:  Emma Hilyard  (The First)

                                           Neveah Otero   (Live Life as a Butterfly)

                                           Cameron Stacy  (Family Resemblance)

                                           Kaylee Amick     (Heart of the Desert)

                                           Ariana Gamez    (Pollination Flower

                                           Cameron Stacy   (He still has his Pride)


         Reds:   Cara Hall  (Untitled)


        Yellows:  Sara Esser  (Go for the Win)

         Ashley Hoffman  (True Colors)                          Brandon Bryant  (Against)

         Chenoa Heberle  (Green Lizard)                       Kaylee Amick  (AZ Pineapple)

         Ariana Gamez    (True Blue)                              Arian Gamez  (Dare to Jump)

         Sidney Calley      (Cradle)                                Justin Jansen  (Ropin’ at Rocking K)

          Katelyn Thompson  (Harvest)                          Sam Ray   (Untitled)

          Alia Luna   (Nature’s Beauty)