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Fill in Form below, all lines must be filled in for each photo you enter.  Where it says signature and date just type your name in again.

Go to Donate Button to pay your fee AFTER you have fully completed and submitted the form     


online form:

Type in the required information and submit the form.

After you have submitted the form, click on our Donate logo to the right and send us the entry fees.

A total of up to 3 entries will be accepted from each entrant. Each item must be named on this entry form, and each entry must have the artist's name and the title of the entry marked on the back. ALL ARTWORK MUST BE STRUNG WITH WIRE FOR HANGING.  BRACKET HANGERS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.

ENTRY FEE FOR EACH ITEM ENTERED: SPRAC Members: $5. Adult NON members: $7 NO CHARGE for entries in the Youth Division.

SPRAC and Cochise College Benson Center will use all reasonable precautions to protect your work, however, the artist agrees to assume all risks for loss or damage to entries.  A waiver must be signed at time of delivery to college

Photographic Divisions: *

1. Monochromatic (includes B&W and monochromes such as sepia)

2. Color for Amateurs

3. Color for Advanced/Professional

4. Youth Photography for 18 years and under – all types

5. NEW this year—“Digital Artistry” (photos showing heavy manipulation) List your entries below. Do not abbreviate. (Use the back if necessary.)



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