January 15TH 2022Attendance: President: Linda Stacy Vice President: Larraine Milne Treasurer: Joan Davenport Secretary: Mary Lee Bringham Members at large: Harry Stacy membership chair Shryl Miles Chris Blom Kathy Williams Quorum established Meeting called to order 2:05pm

Motion made by Larraine Milne and second by Kathy Williams to accept the minutes on last meeting of October 12th, 2021. Unanimous approval by board. Treasures’ Report: SPRAC and Gallery continue to do well financially, Galley and Gift Shop had a good holiday season.

Photo show report from Linda Stacy reflects $400 to the good thanks to excellent participation and several donations. Discussion on Square and PayPal reports need to be forwarded to Treasurer on a monthly basis. Larraine Milne will work on printing reports. Shryl Miles motioned to accept treasures report with Chris Blom second. Unanimous approval by the board. A detailed financial report is available upon request. Old Business: Yard Sale went well with many donations and was able to raise $1100. Good turnout of volunteers headed by Francie Taylor.

Photo Printer is still in need of cleaning and servicing. Chris Blom will work on printer during the weekends. Discussion on phone system and bill. Questions on cost and possibility of lowering phone charges. Linda Stacy and Kathy Williams will investigate and report at next meeting. Tabled signage discussion from last meeting pending information from the city is a no go due to requirements of variance.

Learning center is doing well with a soon to be Drawing class for private student. New Business: Art Show coming up in March. Show entries will be due by February 23rd, Art on the 28th,and hanging on the 1st. Reception to be held on Saturday the 12th in the afternoon. This is tentative pending college schedule. Linda will ask Brenda Peo for possible art donation for raffle. Glen Renell will be judging the Show. Discussion concerning future fundraising activities. Kathie Williams will work with Linda Stacy on contacts for Safeway register program. Next Gallery changeout will be the last Saturday in April with hanging on Monday May 2nd. Discussion on regular schedule for changeouts. This last year due to Covid and other circumstances events to be on schedule to not interfere with other events. The fall changeout will be the first weekend in November. General Membership meeting was put on hold.

Linda Stacy will work on future agenda for general meeting for this spring. Linda Stacy will form election committee by next meeting. Next meeting will be Saturday April 9th . Larraine Milne motioned for Meeting to adjourn with Shryl Miles seconded. All in favor. Meeting adjourned 3:20.

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