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                   SPRAC Quarterly Meeting                                                          January 10, 2020

Called to order at 10:35 am 

Attendance :  Quorum established

President: Linda Stacy 

Vice President: Shryl Miles 

Treasurer: Joan Davenport

Secretary: Mary Lee Bringham 

Membership Chair: Harry Stacy

Promotion Chair: Lisa Stansbury

Members at Large: Charline White

                                   Larraine Milne

                                   Chris Blom


Minutes from last meeting October 10, 2019 approved as written. Motion was made by Charline White and second by Lorraine Milne with unanimous board approval.

Treasurers Report:

Joan Davenport presented new report format that is income based for October 31 thru December 31, 2019. Both the gift shop and gallery are doing well. *(report).  Joan has requested monthly reports for Square and PayPal for a more accurate accounting of fees and deposits. Lorraine Milne will take care of and forward Square report and Lindy Stacy will update administration information to include Joan in PayPal and forward report. A motion was made by Shryl Miles to close PayPal and start over if need be. Motion was seconded by Chris Blom with a unanimous board approval.   Transition of Treasures position is going well.

*Detailed treasures report is available by request.

Old Business: 

Shryl Miles reported that the Gallery has done very well over the last two quarters and may be due to more exposure via Facebook and community social networks. Shryl has suggested that Docents may want to start inquiring on how a customer heard about the Gallery.

Publicity and advertising report given by Lisa Stansbury.  Lisa has taken advantage of a wide range of free ad exposure with Facebook promotional sites, News Papers and radio.  A request was made by Lisa to invest $40 a month to boost Facebook and advertising for Gallery events over the next quarter with a detail report of progress at the next meeting. A motion was made by Charline White and seconded by Larraine Milne with a unanimous board approval for $40 a month over the next quarter to be spent on publicity.

Linda Stacy and Susan Cook have been working on a new system of art sales with the Benson Hospital Administration. They are happy to report that the Hospital is on board with the new sales plan and that art can now be purchased through the billing office at the Hospital.  The next Art change out will be Feb 13,14. 

New Business:

 Celebrate the Arts is coming up in March and Linda Stacy would like a shadow for this event and help with hanging.  Shryl Miles has donated two painting for the raffle. Reception will be held on March 14th. 

Gallery change out will be February 1st with new hanging done on the 3rd. 

Yard Sale is being coordinated by Francie Taylor. Date for the sale has not been set at this time.

Election of new officers is coming up and Linda will notify members of election date and request volunteers for nomination committee. 

Other Business:

Office space is still being considered for the future. SPRAC has the need for workspace and paperwork to be stored in accessible location. 

Discussion of possible future art classes to be held in Gallery learning center space by local artists and 20% collected from fees to SPRAC.

Motion to adjourn by Larraine Milne second by Charline White     11:50am

Next meeting will be April 8, 2020