President: Linda Stacy
Vice President: Larraine Milne Treasurer: Joan Davenport Secretary: Mary Lee Bringham Members at large:
Harry Stacy
Chris Blom
Robert Heath

Quorum established Call to order 10:03am

October 12, 2021

MoNon was made by Larraine Milne to approve minutes of prier board meeting July 13,2021, motion second by Robert Heath. unanimous approval by board.

Treasurer’s Report:
SPRAC and Gallery is in good standing financially. Gallery and GiT shop continues to do well along with

collection of membership dues.

Photography show received several donaNons and good parNcipaNon. Total cost and earnings to be determined.

Discussion and reminder of board approval for decisions of monies spent over one hundred dollars. A detailed financial report is available upon request.

Mary Lee Bringham made a moNon to accept treasurer’s report, Larraine Milne second. unanimous approval by board.

Old Business:

Hospital Change out went well with the help of Suzanne Cook.  Still have some art that needs to be picked up by artists. Linda Stacy will make calls for pick up.

Gallery Changed out went smoothly with a lot of volunteer participation.

Tabled discussion on Gallery’s own internet server. Motion was made by Harry Stacy to forgo any new action at this time. Motion second by Robert Heath. unanimous approval by board.

New Business:

Report by Photo show chair Larraine Milne. Show has over 100 pieces on display at the college. Photographer Robert Gallucci was the judge and reception will be on Saturday the 16th 2 to 4 pm. Article and information will be in the Herald newspaper followed by a list of winners on the Facebook and website. donation of raffle photos made by Mel Milne will be at the reception.

New shelves donated by Larraine Milne will be installed by Harry Stacy in the near future. Chris Blom will have photo printer machine cleaned.

Yard Sale will be on Saturday November 13th. Will need help of volunteers and donations. Extra signage will be needed, and fliers placed around town.

The Gallery will participate in the Benson Clean and Beautiful Trick or treat Halloween event on Saturday October 30th 2 to 4 pm.

Holiday decorating will occur on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Holiday open house will be on Saturday December 11th 12pm to 2pm.

Discussion on placing more sandwich boards at the corner of San Pedro and 4th street to attract more customers. Suggestions made on other possibilities of hanging whirligigs on existing signage on 4th street. Members will investigate on the internet and with the City of Benson.

Discussion on Learning Center classes for after school and homeschool students. Program would match up students with participating artists for beginning art classes. Mary Lee Bringham motioned to pursue student art program and Linda Stacy second. Unanimous board approval.

Next meeting will be a general member meeting on Saturday January 15th at the VFW meeting hall. 2 to 4pm .

Mary Lee Bringham made a motion to adjourn meeting Larraine Milne second. All members in favor. Meeting Adjourned. 

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