San Pedro River Arts Council

SPRAC Quarterly Board Meeting                               October 10, 2019

Called to order at 10:30am


President:  Linda Stacy

Vice President:  Shryl Miles

Treasurer:   Chris Blom

Secretary:  Mary Lee Bringham

Membership Chair:  Joan Davenport

Promotion Chair:  Lisa Stansbury

Members at Large:   Harry Stacy

                                     Charline White

                                     Larraine Milne

                                     Robert Heath

Members in Attendance:  Suzanne Cook


Minutes from last meeting July 24, 2019 approved as written. Motion was made by Larraine Milne and seconded by Chris Blom with unanimous board approval. 

Board discussion concerning posting balances of treasurer’s report in the minutes for the public to see pertaining to security issues. All agreed that amounts could be left out of minutes and members may have an official report upon request.

Treasurer’s Report:

Chris Blom prepared report of Financial business of Gallery including procedural list of duties. Report reflects a good business season and the Arts Council stands in the black. Anyone wishing for more details concerning financial report may request a copy.  Shryl Miles made the motion to accept the Treasures report as written seconded by Robert Heath followed by unanimous board approval.

Old Business:

Photography show:   The show had two hundred entries. Judging went well and it was decided that cash prices would by handed out to All Ribbon winners. Prizes also included coupon books from Larraine Milne.  The reception is on Saturday Oct 12th and with the raffle fundraiser the show should break even financially. This year the raffle ticket sale will be a $1 a ticket 6 tickets for $5 and a stretch ticket for $10.

Shryl Miles and Charline White will be taking care of the decorating and setting up the raffle table, Larraine Milne will take care of the gallery table and sales.

Publicity Campaign:

Lisa Stanbury gave report on Facebook status; all is going well with bio art profiles of Artists and event notifications. Lisa would like to support the city chamber by following up in support of community events and having representation at meetings. Joan Davenport and Lisa Stansbury have volunteered to attend monthly meetings and represent SPRAC. Lisa has been working hard in promoting the council by utilizing free online advertising via newspapers and ad links.  Great Job Lisa!

Office space:

Still standing by for space availability and could be that cost of space would be very reasonable.

New Business:

 New proposal for Hospital Art Program presented by Suzanne Cook who is now shadowing Linda Stacy.

The proposal would include incentives for the hospital in accepting payments for art that is displayed at the hospital and satellite clinics.  The hospital would receive 20% of sales and visitors could pay at the cashier during regular working hours. Details yet to be negotiated between SPRAC and Hospital Admin.

Gallery Payouts: 

Discussion on timely payments to Artists and agreement that such should be done on a regular monthly schedule.

A motion was made by Shryl Miles for Joan Davenport to become Treasurer with Chris Blom as assistant backup. Motion was seconded by Robert Heath with a unanimous approval by the board. Transition will be implemented over the next two months with Joan taking over duties in 2020.


A motion was made by Larraine Milne for Harry Stacy to take over the Membership chair position. Motion was seconded by Shryl Miles with unanimous approval by the board.

Christmas Season Events:

Christmas decorating will occur on the Sunday after Thanksgiving by Shryl Miles and Francie Taylor.

Seasonal art will be displayed in the classroom area by current board members.

The Holiday Members Social will occur on Saturday Dec 14th 1pm to 3pm.

Other announcements:

Larraine Milne suggested the Gallery open early on October 19th the day of the Locomotive visit through town, as a large amount of people are expected to attend. A sandwich board will be placed at the tracks notifying visitors of the gallery and open hours. All agreed that the gallery will open at 9am.

Larraine Milne volunteered to take care of Printers and ink replacements in the gallery classroom.

Harry Stacy motioned for meeting to be adjourned at 11:53am seconded by Charline White.

Next meeting will be January 9th, 2020 at 10:30.