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                  SPRAC Quarterly Meeting                                                                   July 08, 2020 

Meeting called to order 8:37 by Linda Stacy 

Attendance:  Quorum established 

President:  Linda Stacy

Treasurer:  Joan Davenport 

Secretary:  Mary Lee Bringham 

Membership Chair:  Harry Stacy 

Members at Large:  Charline White 

                                    Larraine Milne 

                                    Chris Blom


Minutes from last meeting January 10, 2020 approved as written, Motion was made by Larraine Milne and 2nd by Charline White with unanimous board approval. 

Treasurers Report: 

Joan Davenport presented the report for the quarter. Due to the current Covid 19 situation the Gallery has been closed since March with no sales income.   The council has sufficient funds currently to continue SPRAC business.  A detailed report is available by request.

Old Business:   

The current Hospital art displays will stay up as is.  Celebrate the Art show went well though it was unfortunate that the reception was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

The April quarterly meeting had been cancelled and elections of board members on hold.

New Business: 

The Gallery will stay closed to the public until further notice due to the pandemic.

Sympathy card to be sent to Lisa Stansbury from SPRAC.  

Proposal was made by Mary Lee to open the Learning Center in the Gallery to SPRAC members. This would give members the opportunity to utilize the space for art projects and to shop the Gallery and Giftshop. This would be done on a reservation only system that would start in August.  This proposal includes opening for members with CDC safety protocols in place and overseen by the Learning Center coordinator, Mary Lee Bingham,  as a volunteer.

A motion was made by Lorraine Milne to approve the opening of the Learning center a second was made by Charline White.  A vote accrued for approval  six votes yes one abstain.  Proposal approved.

Discussion ensued concerning payment of Endeavor Gallery space for the months of April, May, and June 75.00 and 100.00 for July totaling 325.00 Joan Davenport made the motion to make payment and Mary Lee second. Approval  vote unanimous. 

 Motion was made by Larraine Milne to collect dues for the coming year Joan made a second. Vote was made unanimously to collect dues. Membership dues will stay the same amount for this next year. 

Charline White made the motion to start paying Endeavor Gallery’s full rent starting in August. Larraine  Milne second the motion discussion and vote followed. Vote : four yes three no motion to pay full rent starting in August approved. 

Larraine Milne made a motion for the Fall Photo show to be cancelled for this year due to the pandemic. Chris Blom second. Vote was unanimous for cancellation of the Photo Show.

No yard sale for the fall season, subject tabled for future discussion.

Harry Stacy made a motion to adjourn the meeting and second was made by Charline White. 

All approved adjourning the meeting.

Meeting adjourned 9:25

Next  meeting will be October 7th, 2020.