San Pedro River Arts Council

Minutes of the Board of Directors

SPRAC Quarterly Board Meeting - August 2018

1:03 PM

Endeavour Gallery

President Linda Stacy
Vice President Shryl Miles
Membership Chairman/Secretary nominee:
Joan Davenport
Members at Large nominees:
Bob Heath
Charline White
Not present:
Treasurer: Chris Blom
Members at Large
Quorum Established

Minutes from last meeting 11/24/2017 – to be attached:
Previously discussed:
Photo show
Facebook page
New Vice President
Security Light
Grant Monies
Spending Money to Maintain status
Change out at hospital
Art Supply Sale
Accept the minutes – Sheryl seconded Linda unanimous approval
Financial Report:
In the black
Owe for sink, PO box rental

Appoint new Officers:

Two new candidates for the position of Member at Large were introduced.  The nominees were Charlene White and Robert Heath.  Motion was made by Shryl Miles and Seconded by Linda Stacy.  The vote was Unanimous.

The new Candidate for Secretary/Membership Chairman, Joan Davenport, was introduced. Motion was made by Shryl Miles and Seconded by Linda Stacy.  The vote was Unanimous.

 Old Business:

Grant Report – Shryl Miles
Shryl reviewed the final grant report.  This included details of the Home School Art Education Program. She also detailed, with Linda, the Gallery renovation.  The last item to be added will be the Impact Story and will center around Zack Billings.  His presentation at the August Lunch and Learn  will be highlighted.

Gallery Improvements –
The Security Light is to be installed by Harry Stacy and Bob Heath before the end of August.  There is still a need for a table to place next to our newly installed sink.  Shryl and Charlene will be on the lookout for a used one that will fill the bill.  The front door needs to be secured so it does not remain ajar.  The requirement is that it open out.  Bob Heath and Harry Stacy will look into a solution.

Lunch & Learn:
A new name for the program was discussed.  The decision was to rename it the “Monthly Learning Program”.  Linda expressed that we also need to recruit new artists to make presentation.  Bob Heath has agreed to do a program in January on carving

New Business

Credit Card Reader

Charlene reported that she has been working with our landlady on the internet connection issues.  The NetGear connection was “forgotten” but the tablet but still trying to connect.  There is a concern about the number of problems and users.  Charline White will contact Sage Scholer at 221-0366.  Harry Stacy will pursue a land line option.

 Gallery Rent

Our current rent is a very reasonable amount of $270 a month and includes internet.  With the increase to the utilities for the Gallery space, it was felt that an increase in rent would only be fair.  Discussion followed and agreement was reached to offer Ms. Hamilton an additional $55 a month.  Shryl Miles made a Motion to increase our rent payment to $325, seconded by Charline.  The Board agreed unanimously.

Clear Coat for Mural

The cost for Clear Coat of the mural is $150.  There is a certain immediacy in the need to do this.  A Motion was made by Bob Heath, Seconded by Charline White, and the Board approved it unanimously

 New Brochure Design

Shryl offered to head a Committee to redesign the Art Council’s brochure.  Shryl will do mock-up of the art design.  Linda Stacy will add the detailed text.  Joan Davenport will contact James Bujarski at AEPCO to determine the printing cost and required submission format for the brochure.

Ron Fritts donation of six paintings

The generous donation made by Ron Fritts of five paintings was discussed.  Five of the paintings will be saved for future SPRAC Art Raffle/Fund Raisers.  The sixth is to be sold to our member Chris Blum at an agreed price.  Linda is going to write a Thank You letter to Ron Fritts.

Photography Show – October

Linda Stacy has taken on the chairmanship of the Photography show.  She has received confirmation from Pamela Golden, a professional photographer and Photography professor, to judge the show.  We will also actively recruit a SPRAC member interested in photography to shadow Linda and eventually take the lead and become chairman of the show.

Gallery Sales deposits:

We see a need to have a new process for making deposits to the Bank.  This will be discussed by Chris Blom, Linda Stacy and Lorraine Milne at their next meeting.


Future Board Meetings

There is a need to revise the current random Board schedule.  The meetings need to be scheduled well in advance.  The schedule must be regular and quarterly. A Motion was made by Charline White to have meetings quarterly on the 2nd Wednesday of January, April, July and October.  This was seconded  by Shryl and Board approved unanimously

Evaluation of past year


Security Improvements

Discussion was opened on what security upgrades might be needed.  Alarm Signage on door was proposed and agreed to.  The idea of fake camera to deter theft was proposed.


We discussed ways to recruit new docents.  We all need to keep eyes and ears open for possible candidates.  Ideally, we could use two or three more.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:04 PM


Meetings submitted by Joan Davenport, Secretary.