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San Pedro River Arts Council

                                                                                                                   April 26, 2021

SPRAC Board Meeting 


President:                Linda Stacy 

Vice President:        Shry Miles 

Treasurer:                 Joan Davenport 

Secretary:                 Mary Lee Bringham 

Members at large:    Robert Heath 

                           Larraine Milne: Gift Shop coordinator 

                                     Harry Stacy: Membership Chair

Meeting called to order 9:58am  Quorum Established.

Last meeting was in January 2021 and  conducted by email due to Covid 19. Email documentation stands as record of meeting. Motion by Harry Stacy to accept emails as minutes and second by Shryl Miles. Unanimous vote to accept minutes. 

Treasurers Report: 

Joan Davenport gave report of good standing for the quarter despite loss due to not being open. 

A detailed report is available by request.   Robert Heath motioned to accept treasurers report Harry Stacy second. Unanimous vote by board report accepted.

Old Business: 

Linda reported that the Gallery clean up and change out went well and all agreed that the Gallery and Gift shop looks fabulous. Due to all the volunteers and Artists that participated we were able to reopen the Gallery on April 1st.  

Discussion on future spring or fall yard sale is tabled for next meeting. 

New Business:

Board has a nomination for new member at large due to Charline White’s resignation. Mary Lee nominated member and artist Kathy Williams. 

Shryl Miles has resigned from her position as Vice President and would like to stay on the board as a member at large. A motion was made by Joan Davenport to accept Kathy Williams and Shryl Miles as Members at large to the Board. Motion was second by Larraine Milne. Unanimous vote by board to accept .

Linda Stacy will notify Kathy Williams on board position. 

Larraine Milne has agreed to move into the Vice President position vacated by Shryl Miles. 

Motion by Shryl Miles and second by Joan Davenport for a vote for Larraine Milne to become new Board Vice President.  Unanimous vote by the Board. Larraine Milne is new Vice President.

Mary Lee Bringham and Larraine Milne will continue  working to promote and advertise the Gallery and Gift Shop. 

Gallery and Gift Shop would like to implement a Layaway policy with 90-day payment contract. Protocol and contract to be written by Mary Lee and reviewed by board. Motion was made by Larraine Milne to implement new layaway policy and second by Robert Heath. Unanimous vote for layaway accepted. 

Mary Lee Bringham will conduct a Docent training session on Friday May7th 10am to 12pm. Members interested in becoming a docent or any current volunteers that need a review in procedures should stop by on Friday. 

Next Change out will be the end of September.  

Linda will continue to monitor the situation with Cochise College for the Photo contest and show in October.

Robert Heath has agreed to shop for bookcases needed for learning center library.

Next meeting will be on July 12th, 2021 10am at the Gallery Learning Center. 

Meeting Adjourned 10:32am