San Pedro River Arts Council

Minutes of the Board of Directors

January 21, 2017


The Board of Directors (Board) of the San Pedro River Arts Council (Council) met in Benson, Arizona on January 21, 2017 at the Endeavor Gallery.  The meeting came to order at 11:05AM pm.

Roll Call   Linda Stacy, President                   Larraine Milne, Board member

                 Darlene Krueger, Secretary           

                Shyrl Miles, Member at Large        Harry Stacy, Member at Large  

                Doug Quarles, Zona Busselle, Bob Heath, Carl Sanders, Bill Smith, Members                   

Quorum Established

TREASURER’S REPORT:   Reported that the bank account is in good standing with $5000+.   Insurance is paid up.  Thank you to Mel and Larraine Milne for their generous donation to the San Pedro River Arts Council.


OCTOBER PHOTO SHOW:   It was reported that the October Photo Show was a success.  It was our biggest one yet, with over 200 photos entered by over 75 different artists.  We received donations from SSVEC and SW Gas.  The show finished with a very small profit, and the raffle generated $285.00.

CLOSING THE GALLERY:  It was decided that the last day to remain open would be Feb 18th, with all work to be picked up no later than Feb 24th.  This would include items from both the gallery and gift shop.


MARCH “CELEBRATE THE ARTS”:  Dates for March show were set for receiving art work on Mar 1, hanging of the show on Mar 2, judging to be done by Mar 7.  Reception will be held on Mar 9th.  Judge for the March show this year is Charlie Thomas.  AEPCO has already donated $200 for awards and we will raffle another “wired” pony from Brenda Peo.

NEW GALLERY SITE:  Everyone present did a walk-through of the potential new gallery space.  Everyone agreed it is a great space and in a good location.  There was discussions regarding cleaning, electrical upgrades, painting of interior walls, and other projects to be done before the gallery would be ready to open if we decide to rent the space.  There was discussion on renting the space beginning in March, holding yard sales and sidewalks sales while the space is being renovated.  Then have a “grand opening” in September.  Larraine Milne made a motion to continue to pursue the possibility of renting the space, Bob Heath seconded.  Motion passed unanimously. 

DOCENTS:   It was noted that it is hard to find enough docents to fill in on the days the gallery is open.  It has been suggested that participating members sign up for a specific day of the week or month and always work those days.  For members who would like to participate in hanging art work or displaying items in the gift shop, but are unable to docent would pay a monthly fee ($5) in lieu of docenting.  Shryl Miles made a motion to implement this policy, Larraine Milne seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.

Next Board Meeting was set for April.

Meeting adjourned at 12:28PM

Submitted by Darlene Krueger, Secretary.