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Endeavor Gallery 
Message from: Shryl Miles, Endeavor Gallery Exhibit Coordinator

Endeavor Gallery Exhibit Change-Out Notice for July 27, 2019-January 25, 2020

Shryl Miles, Exhibit Coordinator

SPRAC Exhibit Policy:

SPRAC Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any artwork it deems to be overtly controversial.

Hi everyone,

It’s time to change out the exhibit at Endeavor Gallery. Hard to believe six months have passed this quickly. Response from the visitors to our gallery/gift shop has been overwhelmingly positive. Our sales for this last exhibit have exceeded any previous exhibit period. Please make sure you are exhibiting your best work so we can beat the sales of this last cycle. We have quite a few new members to add to our artist family this time around so we will be seeing their artwork for the first time. I will be hanging as many pieces as the gallery will hold and still maintain the ability for our visitors to enjoy each piece of artwork. For the benefit of our new members and a refresher for our existing exhibitors I will list the requirements for exhibiting artwork in Endeavor Gallery. Because I am expecting to have more exhibitors this time, I have placed some limits on size and numbers of pieces of artwork. If your work does not fit into these limits please contact me and we will work something out. I’m really looking forward to seeing all your new artwork and having another wonderful exhibit.

Change out date:

Saturday July 27, 10am-2pm (The exhibit will hang until January 25, 2020)

Exhibit Guidelines:

All SPRAC members are eligible to exhibit in Endeavor Gallery. The Exhibit fee is $25 for the six months that the exhibit will be up. Fee paying exhibitors will not be required to docent the gallery. Docents will be exempt from paying an exhibit fee.

There will be a minimum and maximum size for artwork to enable us to exhibit as many pieces as possible. Because of our hanging system it is difficult to hang really small pieces so I am placing a minimum size of 12” framed either horizontal or vertical measurement. (If you have a 9”x12”, either horizonal or vertically framed work, that is acceptable.)

The maximum size will be 26” framed either horizontal or vertical measurement. (If you have a 24”x26”, either horizonal or vertically framed work that is acceptable. If your work is 30”x26” that is not acceptable unless specifically cleared by me prior to the change out date.)

I will make every effort to accommodate everyone’s artwork but the final decision to hang a piece will be mine based on space available.

A limit of 3 pieces of artwork per member will be accepted. If all of your pieces are in the smallish range talk to me and we may be able to increase that number depending on how much artwork is entered. My goal is to allocate the hanging space as equitably as possible where space allows.

Really small pieces may be exhibited in the gift shop on a space available basis. (You will need to contact Charline White for this. (

Artist will be expected to sign a Release/Waiver at the time of delivery of artwork. (If you have already signed a Release/Waiver you will not be required to sign another one.)

All new artwork must be delivered to the gallery on Saturday, July 27th, between 10am-2pm.

All artwork currently on exhibit must be picked up on July 27th.

All artwork MUST have wire hanger. Please insure that the wire is securely in place. We have had

several near catastrophes when wires have given way and artwork has fallen.

All artwork MUST have the following information on EACH piece of artwork. This may be taped to the back of the artwork. Artist Name, Title, Medium, Price and contact information.

Bring a separate list of artworks to be left at check-in time. Please have your name and contact information (phone and email) on the list.

All artwork will remain in the exhibit until January 25, 2019 unless the artist contacts me and we make arrangements otherwise. If you think you might be entering a piece of artwork in another exhibit during this period please do not include that piece in the gallery exhibit.

Docents will not allow artwork to be removed from the gallery unless prior arrangements have been made through me. This is to protect the artist as well as the gallery.

Artwork that is sold may be replaced with another piece of artwork by the selling artists as long as the replacement piece will fit into the space previously occupied by the sold artwork.

I know this looks like a lot of information and “things to do” but it will enable those of us handling the artwork to facilitate the check-in process faster. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for participating in our gallery. I’m looking forward to another wonderful variety of artwork.